artificial neuro circuit
neuro circuit

NEURO synthesizer

Everyone, computers began to make music in, it is easy to get an electronic musical instrument was to enrich our lives. However, I, as in the 1990s, had also considered the problem of sound can make sense of sounds and combinations. Fingering and, note pair melody of movement, accidental manner born melody in physical condition and condition. It is that what can not support it. And, their feelings, we want to give a change in the sound during performance. Therefore, such EEG and heart rate, by connecting the biological devices, rather than experimental

We believe the chance. By DSP technology that models the analog synthesizer, the personality of many of the electronic musical instrument is becoming generic.
So, is the root of sound making, about the waveform, and the handwriting of the waveform, by adding the sound of brain waves and a variety of nature, by chance or accidental element, we have to develop a system
to be generated at high speed while
checking the sound .
It was affected by the FairlightCMI.

We also, considering as natural organisms, also ties with others,
music, data exchange also should be able to freely.People all over
the world, to develop a synthesizer of technology, we are making
an OS that can be announced. As a result, the difficult was music
score,to will be as simple as music game, it will beconsidered a
communication education by video phone.