We are Different;
a application & creative studio that prides itself on high contrast instruments all walks of culture, background, and life.


Introducing our latest collection,
showcasing strikingimagery
from our beautiful earth,
including the Himalayas.


Our imagination are a marvel
of wonder. Our passion neuro
meets cpu features beautiful song
lines from pure sound
across the entire globe.


Soul passion

This keyboard will continue
to record your performance
as long as it does not turn off.



Our concept model, will soon become a keyboard that people around the world can be on
hand for free.By smart devices,
touch panel also it became also very inexpensive CPU. Children of poverty of the country, top musicians, we also have a aim to be to be able to use the electronic musical instrument as former DOS / V.



a fun hobby-kit to craft a keyboard from cardboard.

Depth Everywhere

It is very important that you look back on the past, it becomes
the next hintto us. However, the evolution of technology,
than the high quality and diversity, as a member 
of the People organisms, such as birdsong, an d there is
an attempt to be able to express feelings, I believe.


That aim an ideal instrument for me, in the idea that is not tied to common sense, it is that it is in the form should be the instrument of the next era. Score does not change even several hundred years. Modern people accustomed to games and complex user interface, as in the music game, if there is a simple instructions, you mighte able to approach the more music.